Tasmin Marble Fireplace Surround

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Tasmin Marble Fireplace Surround by Bemodern

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Tasmin Marble Fireplace Surround by Bemodern

The Tasmin fireplace has compact curves and simple, neat lines, and is available in Manila micro marble. Micro marble is an engineered stone, manufactured from crushed marble and specially developed resins. Micro marble is a fine grained man made marble which gives a smooth polished surface and a consistent colour. The Bemodern Avantgarde gas fire comes as a slimline model (3.1kW output), a deepline model (3.5kW output), a top control model (3.3kW output), where as long as the pilot light is lit you can use the top controls and an elite model (3.3kW output) with electronic push button top control where the pilot light can be lit using one of the top buttons. The Be Modern Avantgarde Gas Fire is available with a brass, chrome or black finish and is suitable for brick chimneys, pre-fabricated and pre-cast flues or no chimney, with the exception of the deepline which is not compatible with pre-cast flues.
  • Finely grained, versatile and durable
  • Consistent smooth polished surface
  • Suitable for gas and electric fires
  • Ideal for smaller rooms
  • Bemodern Avantgarde gas fire in a brass, chrome or black finish
  • Marfil or Manila Micro Marble
  • 45mm/75mm rebate

Dimensions/ features

  • Size-1070mm
  • Mantel width-1070mm
  • Overall height-1015mm
  • Base width-1070mm
  • Mantel depth-145mm
  • Hearth depth-400mm
  • Rebate-45/75mm
  • Hearth-standard lipped
  • Finish available-Manila and Marfil

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