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Experience the perfect blend of elegance and performance with the Pedestal stove, a gem from Sirocco’s Contour Range. Harnessing the advanced Total Air Management technology, this stove embodies the art of 3-Way Eco-Clean Burn combustion, offering an unparalleled efficient burn. Whether you prefer wood or smokeless fuels, the multi-fuel capability caters to all preferences. Highlights include a 5.0KW nominal heat output with potential peaks up to 8.5kW, a unique converting riddle grate, auto self-closing & locking door, radiant & convectional heat output, and an option for direct air feed. Its double glazed side windows provide panoramic fire views, ensuring warmth with a visual treat. The Pedestal is more than just a stove—it’s a testament to Sirocco’s commitment to efficiency, eco-friendliness, and exquisite design.

Features & Benefits
Total Air Management: A masterclass in 3 Way Eco-Clean Burn combustion. Whether burning wood or smokeless fuel, experience optimized combustion conditions.
Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Air Systems: Achieve the perfect firebox temperature and air supply, ensuring an Eco-Clean Burn.
Converting Riddle Grate: A rotating 5 bar cast riddler with a removable stainless steel handle for effortless ash clearance and easy fuel transition.
Auto Self-Closing & Locking Door: A hydraulic mechanism ensures ease of use with a gentle touch-and-lock system.
Radiant & Convectional: Enjoy the best of both heating worlds. The stove’s twin steel wall and air gap design ensure optimal heat distribution and safety.
Direct Air Feed: The optional external air duct kit ensures air for combustion is drawn from outside, preserving room warmth and reducing draughts.
Environmental Friendliness: With very low flue emissions, it meets DEFRA standards and the Eco Design 2022 Standard.
Double Glazed Side Windows: Offering a panoramic view of the mesmerising flames, enhancing the ambiance.
Impressive Heat Output: A nominal output of 5.0kW, peaking up to a robust 8.5kW.
Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 5-year extended warranty on all multi-fuel stoves.


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