irange 750e

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Key Features:
The C&J Smart App enables you to control all aspects of the fire from your mobile device, including the two new optional crackle sound effects.
Along with the standard woodland log set, you can choose between the optional driftwood log set or quartered split log set. These optional log sets will allow you to change the look and feel of your fire.
Exciting realistic LiveFlame effect with three colour options each available in four mood settings. The mood settings allow for four differing levels of brightness and size of flames.
Realistic Ambient Light flickering fuel bed with nine colour options and four mood settings. Choose from a glowing, natural amber or take your pick from any one of eight other shades to match your mood – all easily set using your remote control. You can even set the colours to gradually shift from one shade to another, cycling through the whole palette to create an everchanging display.

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