Inspire 800 Fireslide by Valorcentre

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Inspire 800 Fireslide by Valorcentre

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Inspire 800 Fireslide by Valorcentre

The Inspire 800 Fireslide is part of the Inspire collection range.

Product features and benefits

  • Heat output-4.6kw
  • Heat input-6.6kw
  • 80% efficiency
  • Unique Fireslide operation
  • Duo burner technology
  • Remote control option
  • Radiant and convected heat
  • Choice of liner options-black, brick, mirrored glass, vermiculite
  • Choice of trim options-there are 2 options the edge trim or grande trim which are available in anthracite, black, brushed chrome and chrome
  • Natural gas
  • Suitable for brick chimneys
  • Frameless kit available

Engine dimensions

  • Height-470m
  • Width-846mm
  • Depth-294mm

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