Hanley Grey Paint Finish Chelsea 750VS by Pureglow

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The Chelsea 750 VS is a luxury electric portrait styled appliance which we have combined with five of our most popular mantels. This versatile fire, perfectly at home in a contemporary setting or more traditional environments

Ultra-realistic glowing fuel bed with embers with customisable log layout

Fully ERP Compliant with Eco Function

Convenient multiple control options (Manual, Remote control or App)

7 day programmable timer with adaptive smart heating

Easy to install

Wall mountable, supplied with brackets

Multi-option RGB flame and fuel bed colours with user preset options

Heat Output – 1.8Kw with 3 Heating modes with cool blow function

3 independently controlled lighting effects

o Flames – colour & Brightness

o Under Fuel bed – colour & Brightness

o Above Fuel bed – colour and brightness

6 pre-set Trilight themes

o Autumn Campfire

o Emberglow

o Inferno

o Noir

o Fire & Ice

o Nebular

Optimised Heater Position & Minimal visible vents

Open Door/Window detection

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