Desire 5 and 7 Gas Stove by Broseley

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Desire 5 and 7 Gas Stove by Broseley

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Desire 5 and 7 Gas Stove by Broseley

The Desire gas stoves are distinctive by their large glass windows that perfectly frame the dancing flames within.

Built from steel, the Desire has a smooth Matt black finish with a stylish and realistic log bed. With impressive efficiencies you can control the heat output perfectly and furthermore this effect is almost instant-all you need to do is choose which size Desire suits your fireplace and room.

Desire 5 gas

  • Remote control option available
  • Width-430mm
  • Height-582mm
  • Depth-353mm
  • Flue diameter-125mm
  • Heat output-4.6kw
  • Efficiency-80%
  • Flue outlet-top or rear

Desire 7 gas

  • With-542mm
  • Height-582mm
  • Depth-345mm
  • Flue diameter-125mm
  • Heat ouput-4.7kw
  • Efficiency-76.2%
  • Flue outlet-top
  • Remote control-no

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