CPV5 and CPV5W Stove by Purevision

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CPV5 and CPV5W Stove by Purevision

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CPV5 and CPV5W Stove by Purevision

Stylish and elegant with classic looks the new CPV5 and CPV5W are solid, heavy duty stoves with a huge glass fire viewing window for optimal viewing of flames. The larger CPV5W retains a nominal output of 5kw, but provides a wider operating range making it ideal for larger living spaces.


  • Substantially sized stove with huge glass fire viewing area
  • Active baffle innovation for easy starting and operation-IGN position for quick start and flue heat up, Manual position for flues that do not require help, Auto position for re-fuelling assistance
  • Solid stainless steel baffle and mechanism
  • All 5kw nominal outputs for ventilation flexibility- approximate range CPV5 3-6kw and CPV5W 3.8-8kw
  • High quality cast iron top blanking plate for rear flue connections or infil piece for top flues
  • High quality cast iron base unit(pre fitted) with adjustable feet for levelling
  • Rear of base unit has full detailing of legs and body for aesthetic benefit when freestanding
  • Reduced clearances to combustibles using included free heatshield and twin wall flue connection- rear 100mm CPV5 side 250mm and rear 150mm CPV5W side 250mm
  • 5" flue connections for flexibility of flueing
  • Single air control (wood/coal-primary, secondary, tertiary air)
  • Multifuel capable
  • Ceramic Firebox linings
  • Direct outside air connection kit available
  • High definition flamqe picture
  • DEFRA exempt for burning in smokeless controlled areas
  • Solid stainless steel heavy duty operating tool and stand
  • Quality maintenance tool roll provided

Dimensions/features (CPV5)

  • Fuel-solid fuel or wood
  • Flue-top and rear
  • Flue diameter-127mm
  • Finish-black
  • Weight-126kg
  • Efficiency-80.2% (wood) and 74.8% (solid)
  • Output-5kw
  • Output range-3.1-6kw
  • Log length-300mm

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